Secret USB Flash Drive Watch – steal that intellectual property with ease



The Secret USB Flash Drive Watch comes with a tiny 4 GB USB flash drive cleverly concealed inside the body of the device, which makes it absolutely perfect for stealing the plans of the new Acme Fusion Drive from Mr Big. Gone are the days when Q had to spend months working on new spy gear for Bond, now all it takes is a bit of ugly gadget know-how and $49.99.


  This watch features an ample 4GB capacity USB flash drive that slips neatly into the watch case. Simply remove, add data and then re-insert and you’re ready to conduct secret missions to building B on the other side of campus. This watch has a plastic case covered by stainless steel mask with brushed silver finish and convex mineral glass with shiny raised index. The USB flash drive fits flush with the watch case – ready to hold your data safe and secure.