Recession 08/09

Recession (Credit crisis) – 2008 and on
I thought I would put this together as a reminder of what happened and who was lost. I can remember the last recession back in the 90’s that was an interesting time but this time around its taken out a lot of well know company’s.

Part of the problem from what I can see is the banks are not extending monies to some of these and as such they are going to the wall.

When a company does goes bust, a notice is posted in the London Gazette , which should also provide the name of the appointed insolvency practitioner or company administrator.

Here is a small list of the more notable stores that ran into trouble. There are many other company’s that as a result of these going down will also in turn close. It stands to reason if you are a small company and you have not been paid by your customer then it is going to put huge pressure on your cash flow.


  • Adams – Clothing 260 Stores in the UK
  • Zavvi – Music Retailer
  • Woolworth – High Street Chain
  • Entertainment UK – Distributor of entertainment products
  • Wagon Automotive (UK) – Car Parts
  • Whittard of Chelsea – Tea and coffee (Sold to EPIC private equity partners)
  • Landsbanki Islands hf – BANK
  • USC – Fashion Retailer
  • Olan Mills – Photography Studio
  • Morgan – French womens clothing store


  • Wedgwood – Pottery
  • Passion for Perfume – Perfume retailer
  • Viyella – clothing manufacturer
  • Sofa Work Shop – furniture retailer
  • Land of Leather – furniture retailer
  • AP Driveline – Car clutch manufacture
  • Newcastle Production – produces food under licence for Findus
  • Nortel (UK) – subsidiary of telephone equipment maker Nortel
  • Empiredirect – Online Electrical etailer with 14 Shops
  • Barratts – Shoe Shop
  • Priceless – Shoe Shop
  • Mosaic – Owner of (Oasis,Karen Milen,Warehouse,coast,Principles,The Shoe Studio)
  • Rileys – Snooker firm
  • Bithdays – Greeting Card chain
  • LDV – Van maker
  • Coffee Republic – 187 Coffee Republic-branded cafes
  • Canterbury Europe – known for its rugby shirts, and supplies teams including the Scottish national side, Wasps and Leinster.
  • Allied Carpets – Supply of carpets

If I have missed any please post a note and I will add them to the list