Eagle Eyes StimuLights – enhance your rose tinted vision and prosper



Eagle Eyes StimuLights. We’re trying to work out exactly how these Joe 90 goggle improve low light vision, but it’s not easy. According to the blurb it looks as though the side panels let through filtered light to help the eyes ‘transition’. From where to where is, however, a mystery. $39.95.

 Perfect for computer use, watching TV, driving during rain, snow, dawn, dusk, fog, smog, hazy conditions, or any time your eyes have to adjust to different brightness levels. # Your eyes will feel immediately soothed and relaxed. # Special tinted lenses allow eyes to transition naturally and instantly by filtering specific wavelengths of light (between 400-500 nanometers). # Your eyes are able to be more relaxed and function more efficiently as better contrast and definition are achieved while using Stimulights