Mulit-room Audio

So like many others I have been looking at a way to get audio in multiple rooms.

I have looked at the sonos system but it is very cost prohibitive for someone on a tight budget. So thinking that there must be a way to do this without breaking the bank.

What locations do I want the audio

1: Living Room

2: Kitchen

3: Bath room

4: Bedroom

5: Home office

6: Garden

So what is the solution.

If I were looking at fitting Sonos then looking at £400 per room. Plus the installation of some sort of power

So the other alternative is Google Chromcast Audio.

This is not without it’s issues have to have speakers and an amp and still have to have the cables ….

Would also like it to be voice controlled via Alexa

So first problem is Chromecast Audio is not compatible with Alexa

I like others have had problems with the Chromecast Audio dropping of the wifi network some times. I have read about that you can add a wired ethernet to this which is interesting.

So what do you do ?

Portable speaker with Chromecast Audio built in ?

Those are thin on the ground at the moment sony and lg make some but they are £££

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