Skydrive Keychain error after upgrading to Mountain Lion

After upgrading to Mountain Lion on MAC I was getting the following error


“There was a problem accessing your keychain. Please check that the login keychain exists and that SkyDrive has access to it. If prompted, please allow SkyDrive access to your keychain.”


I found this workaround


For now the only workaround is to change the properties in the SkyDrive’s cached credential item to allow access from all apps:

1.Launch “Keychain Access” from /Applications/Utilities
2.Select the login keychain from the list
3.Locate the “SkyDrive Cached Credential” item and select it
4.Go to “File/Get Info” (Command + I)
5.Go to “Access Control” tab
6.Click to select “Allow all applications to access this item”
7.Click “Save Changes”

NOTE: The “SkyDrive Cached Credential” item is created after you sign-in for the first time.


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