The following are the settings that I am useing for my TK102 with gpsgate

First off register with GPSGATE I used the Buddy tracker as this is for personal use

There are plenty of guides on how to setup gpsgate

I am using an asdamobile sim here in the UK.

One thing I have found with the TK102 it will not allow you to set a password of password this is quite crucial if you are trying to use an o2 sim.

I am going to assume that you have activated the sim and called asda mobile on 2732 and asked them to enable mms and internet.

so lets start to program the unit

All of the programming is done via text message so you will need to have another phone to send the txt message from and also the unit will respond via txt message.

following are a list of commands that you will need to issue to set the unit up to function with GPSGATE

I am assuming that the password is @ default of 123456 and you are in the uk with an asdamobile sim

All of the following commands should be sent 1 line per txt

time zone 123456 -08
adminip123456 30176
up123456 web web

That should be it !!!.

You will notice the second command is asking for the imei you will need this number to enter into GPSGATE

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