It couldn’t be any easier or more versatile: Just stick a few centimetres of the 19mm (3⁄4″) wide patented magnetic tape to the back of your photos, posters, calendars, etc. and a matching piece on the wall, the sloped ceiling, the fridge door, office cupboard, memo board, etc. The tape strips will stick to each other magnetically. And can be just as easily taken off again. Unlike conventional removable adhesive tape, you can use this tape again and again. Ideal, for example, if you need to reposition plans and maps several times.
Silver medal at the inventors’ fair in Geneva, 2006.
The acrylic magnetic tape has an underside which sticks to wallpaper and paper as perfectly as it does to wood, glass, plastic and metal. It may be removed at any time – without leaving the slightest residue on the cupboard or wall. 5m (16ft) per roll.

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