Came accross this information for the settings for 3 Mobile USB dongle on the Acer Aspire

You will need to update the Acer first before this will work so if its new out of the box you will need to connect it to the internet and run the update program or vist this link

and download the drivers and applications/

this is ‘Mobile partner’. save it to disk and then install it into your acer.
you also need to take your modem to another computer and update the firmware from mobile broadband rocks as above,

I used a vista PC to do this and it worked fine. Xp works as well.

Run the reset prog in the modems files awell, just in case, then stick the updated modem back into your acer with mobile partner installed.

1) Shut down the Aspire
2) Plug your modem into the USB port
3) Switch on the Aspire
4) On the ‘Connect’ Tab click on ‘Mobile Partner’
5) It should now detect the modem
6) Click ‘Tools’ ‘Options’
7) Click ‘New’
8) Give your profile a name
9) Select ‘Static’ under the APN tab
10) in the APN box enter
11) In ‘Access Number’ enter *99#
12) In ‘User Name’ enter three
13) Password is three
14) Authentication Protocol is ‘CHAP’
15) Click ‘Save’

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